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Our goal was it to bring the fascination of Marrakech into our prototype, so the inside should melt with the outside. There is no main entrance, you can enter the building from each side. 

The whole building consists of a ramp witch wriggles itself around the elliptic courtyard. Three stairs effectuate an architectural cut of between the atrium and the main square at the ground floor.

An important aspect for our courtyard is the grouping in different areas, but there should be no grouping of trades or social classes.  The main area for sale and traffic is as important as the calmness zones. The calmness areas include the atrium, different niches and neutral places for individual use. 

The Green Climate Helix offers an area for sale like a market place, a place for hanging out with friends, a place for eating and listening to musicians. The courtyard also offers space for actors, music bands and some area for praying. It has the same cozy flair as the soaks, just with a much better and more comfortable climate. The courtyard offers a pleasant smell with its herbs, calming sounds and a comfortable atmosphere for shopping, relaxing and just hanging around in a great climate. On the rooftop there are areas for campers, so they can pitch their tent to spend a night under the starry sky of Marrakech. 

The prototype is designed for different people with variable reasons to join the courtyard. On one side we offer everybody, who wants to buy something, a classic market situation and on the other side there will be a lot of space, that should invite people to stay, enjoy and linger. 


Marrakesh Green Climate Helix is a complete self –sufficient prototype. Its main tasks are to provide the visitors from sand, heat and low air humidity. In the building the humidity is as twice high as outside and the temperature is reduced by at least one third.  

Gruppenarbeit in der Lehrveranstaltung "Projekt" am Institut für Architektur und Landschaft, WS 2014/15


Claudia Kruschitz

Charlotte Lenz

Elisabeth Winter 


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